Animal shelters are everywhere in every size, kill versus no-kill, privately owned or government run, and the differences go on and on. No two animal shelters are alike, but one thing remains the same, our shelters are a second chance for our best friends. go WALK shelter DOGS is about giving a walk.

Volunteers play a vital role in saving our shelter dogs. It isn’t uncommon for animal shelters to be understaffed, underfunded, crowded, and unfit for boarding dogs. Even shelters with modern facilities, moolah, and amply staff rely on volunteers for dog walking and numerous activities.

Until they all go home, every day we depend on volunteers.

99.9% of our shelters count on volunteers (this statistic could be low, since it was pulled from a hat). Visit your local shelter and ask how to get started volunteering. Is there an application to submit? Age requirements? Orientation meeting? Are dog walkers needed?

Dog walkers give shelters dogs a chance to potty outside. Walkers teach basic obedience. “What a good dog,” walkers offer praise and build confidence. Walkers provide a much needed rescue from the walls of a kennel. EXERCISE. Walkers are human companionship that dogs long for.

A simple walk can make a world of difference for a shelter dog.