Email for Information go walk shelter dogs.

#10 If you are looking for a faithful walking partner who will never reschedule.

#9 If you haven’t received enough love today, unconditional love will be waiting.

#8 If you need a reminder that your life isn’t so bad…you have choices to make.

#7 If you think your dog should have puppies before getting them spayed or neutered.

#6 If you need an excellent reason to pull yourself away from a screen and appreciate the outdoors with someone who does.

#5 If you are unable to commit to being a dog owner, but want the company of a dog.

#4 If you feel like you haven’t accomplished much at the end of the day, volunteering is the cure.

#3 If you want to spend time with someone who doesn’t judge, complain, interrupt, or talk back.

#2 If you live by the saying…it is better to give than to receive. But in this case, you will receive an enormous amount of dog gratitude.

#1 Shelter dogs need you, or else they are confined to waiting, and waiting in a kennel.