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In December of 2012, the 28th to be exact, I visited the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter as a volunteer dog walker. I returned daily, walking hyper dogs, scared dogs, stinky dogs, old dogs, and one day leashing Chicle, a Pit Bull mix. Chicle was surrendered on November 2nd. As I write this today, he is still waiting adoptionÖ217 days and counting.

Chicle sleeps, eats, pees, poops, barks, and paces within a 4′ x 7′ kennel. He only goes outside if awesome volunteers or potential adopters (they are awesome too) take him on a walk. On days I donít volunteer at the shelter, I always hope Chicle got to go on a walk.

Because of Chicle, my wish for go WALK shelter DOGS is to cross paths with dog people. You know, those people who would never mutter, ďitís only a dogĒ, and recruit volunteers eager to share their time and compassion, and give our shelter dogs a walk.

Thank you for being awesome (high voice),

Chicle was euthanized on July 5, 2013. He waited 246 days within the prison walls of the shelter, but he never got to go home. Iím so sorry, Chicle.